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Service Works

  • Calibration services

Most data logging systems are equipped with sensors based on MEMS technology with only one moving part. Although these sensors are calibrated at the factory and have very minimal deviaton in time, we advise to check and calibrate sensors once every two years depending on importancy and usage.

  • Mounting of data loggers

It is essential to mount data loggers at the correct area of the product/packing and in a correct manner. For example: large products like engines and turbines need to be monitored at their sensitive point being the central shaft with bearings. Mounting of data loggers can be performed by screws, double sided tape, magnets or removal kit.

  • Training/Instruction customer personnel

The data logging systems are supplied with an instruction sheet. In the event customer personnel needs training with e.g. set-up of a system, dashboard readings, mounting of data loggers etc. we can instruct them at your premises, on-site or at our company.

  • Coaching & consulting

We can guide small and medium sized companies to improve their quality systems and support them with change management to adept new technologies and improve overall efficiency.

  • Product development & redesign support

The outcome from sensor readings could mean that a product or packing design needs to be improved. The goal is to use the data during product or packing design to make sure less damages will occure during transport and storage. We can support customers during the product design or re-design in respect to shock and vibration resistancy. We are also partnering with a packing company to support customers with packing and inlay design or re-design questions.

  • Data review and advise

Data from the data loggers can be cleaned, stored, presented via dashboards and evaluated. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize trends or breakdown events for analysis. Evaluation of data and possible adjusting of tresholds on the data loggers could be necessary. We guide and support our customers with data analysis and advise which actions should be performed.

  • Service hotline

We can always be contacted via telephone, email and Whatsapp.

Service Products

  • Warning stickers on packing of products
  • Expiry date stickers on data loggers
  • Break seal stickers on data loggers
  • Customer specific stickers
  • Design and delivery of data logger mounting products
    (pedestals, mounting plates, magnets, adhesive tapes)
  • Customer specific Instruction sheets