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Development of mini shock sensors

Development of mini shock sensors

Hello reader!

This will be the first blog on this website!

Since a while I’m busy to develop a small inexpensive sensor and communication device to be used in….almost everything!

Objective: Develop a shock sensing device, battery equipped, with antenna, LowPower area network communication, molded in plastic, low cost and easy to use.

Example of a molded sensing device including antenna, battery, PCB and RFID measuring 50x20x16 mm

Such a small inexpensive shock indicator can be used on large scale at warehouses, included in equipment as a standard, included in packing and packaging etc.

With the development of this device comes along the development of a dashboard (to make data visable on pc’s, Ipads and mobile phones), data storage and choice of Low Power area networks e.g. LoRaWan, NB-Iot, Bluetooth Mesh or Sigfox. Each with their specific field of use.

Goal is to finish this product during Q1 2019. I’m in contact with a few interested parties. private label will be an option.

I will let you know once this product is finished and ready for sale.

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