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Beacons for packaging

Beacons for packaging

Hello reader!

Today I like to write a short blog about the potential of Beacons. They are very interesting for the retail business, musea and exhibitions!

A Beacon can send a small package of information to a mobile device within a range of a few meters. So? Why interesting?

With this small message you can trigger an app or website to open with customer specific content. For example: You are walking by your favourit jeans store with a Beacon installed at the entrance of the shop. You will get a message on your mobile that your favourit jeans is on sale and your preferred colour and size are available in the store! That is not the only thing. If you walk into the store to check out the deal you get another message from a Beacon in the store that a t-shirt from your wishlist is also on sale!

What you need as a retailer are Beacons, an App and customers signing in on this App and provide their preferences.

Why I’m interested? It is new technology and I like that. And..there are opportunities to communicate within companies as well! Walking into the company restaurant you will get a message which choices you have according your preferences. Imagine how many campaigns you can start!

I’m investigating the use of Beacons within packaging. What an opportunity to communicate with end-users as they receive their package. The supplier of the Beacons for my usage is ‘Beaconic’ based in Enschede, the Netherlands. They will support me with the SDK development for an App to be used in a corporate environment.

To be continued.


A beacon with the size of a thick coin.

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