Modor - Smart Systems
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Our products and way of working

Modor – Smart Systems


MODOR – Smart Systems is a young company founded by Arjan de Olde. He turned his interest and knowledge of sensor technology into a company.

We are based in the city of Vroomshoop, the Netherlands. With our knowledge of heavy machinery, instrumentation, production equipment and medical devices we can advise on best suited packings, transport methods and storage conditions. Our monitoring devices measure shocks, vibrations , tilt, temperature and humidity. Data output can be analysed for further actions. We are dealer for MoniLog and Spotsee brands within the Benelux and Scandinavia.


Next to transport monitoring systems we provide machine monitoring systems and warehouse monitoring systems. Starting from impact indicator stickers up to high end off-shore condition monitoring systems.

Organizations are aiming to design, manufacture, supply and store products which are suitable for their intended use, we support them with product (re)design, packing design and organizational improvements based on the outcome of monitored products and our knowledge.

Arjan de Olde can provide professional advise and support due to his technical background, commercial experiences and organizational improvement knowledge at leading technology companies.

He is supported by experts experienced in Data Handling, System Integration, Wireless networks and Sensor technology.



Mission statement


MODOR – Smart Systems guides and supports organizations to adept and integrate automated locating and sensing technology throughout the complete Supply Chain of products and services. We provide the tools to deliver undamaged products in the most efficient and controlled way. No more blind spots in your Supply Chain!


Integration of these technologies provides organizations data to measure, analyze, improve and control the performance of their internal organization, suppliers and logistic partners.


Data logging systems


There are many data logging systems (DLS) available on the market. After an extensive research of these companies, their products and service levels only a few could meet our standards. MODOR – Smart Systems has been rewarded with dealerships from these leading technology companies. Partnering with the DLS manufactures provides first-hand technical information, back-up, training and latest insides in the technology of sensors and monitoring devices.


Way of working


At Modor – Smart Systems we don’t want to make things complicated. When a customer is interested to know more about monitoring systems, we will explain the technology in a nutshell and discuss the possibilities for their company. Depending on the wishes of the customer, their products, transport methods and storage conditions a data logging system can be selected. We can support the customer with the sensor positioning, mounting, programming and data processing.


Programming and processing of data


  • Together with the customer, the values and bandwidth from the data logging sensors (e.g. shock, vibration, tilt, temperature, humidity) can be set.
  • Depending on the selected DLS, the sensors will send collected data via GPS, GSM, LowPower networks or can be extrected via Bluetooth or wired laptop/pc.
  • Collected information from the data logger can be visualized on smart phone, Ipads and laptop/pc’s depending on the selected DLS.
  • Raw data can be stored in Excel and directly converted into a dashboard with diagrams, graphs and tables. These dashboards can be secured via customer passwords. Permits can be given to selected persons by the customer. Data can also be sent via IP secured lines and stored in the Cloud.
  • Data can be used for trend monitoring, product and packing improvements, choice of transport method, storage condition improvements and questions related to responsibility and liability.



Quality Assurance


The outcome of the data from the DLS can be used by the QA department from the customer. Trends or one-time events can be investigated and actions can be taken to improve quality awareness, procedures and other organizational improvements. Data can also be used to review performances of suppliers and logisitc partners within the supply chain.

Arjan de Olde – Founder/owner


Educated in fine mechanical precision engineering and business economics, I’ve worked on projects for the European Space Agency (ESA), University of Groningen and the medical sector. After this period  I’ve joined the Dutch Telecom Company (KPN) as a Project manager. I then moved to Spark Holland, a manufacturer of medical devices and became a test engineer, ISO 9001 implementation group member, quality controller and purchaser.


As I was interested in a sales position, I’ve joined Wärtsilä, a world leading company for large diesel & gas engines and automation system for ships and power plants. As a Senior Sales Engineer I traveled frequently to Asia and Far-East to guide network companies in the region. When the demand for diesel engines was declining I moved to Siemens, selling services and conversions for industrial compressors and steam turbines. As an Area Sales Manager, I supported network companies in South & North America and Europe visiting them regularly in a period of 6 years.


For one year I’ve explored the oil & gas market for Sulzer Gas Turbine Services as a Sales Manager. After three years as General Manager Services at OPRA gas turbines, I’ve worked two years as a Key Account Manager at the Wärtsilä Dutch network office.


As new technology was always an interest of mine, I decided to start my own company in monitoring systems. This technology matured within the last years and prices of data logging systems are within range to go mainstream within Logistics and Industry.


To make correct decisions for my company and customers I regularly attend exhibitions, conferences and meetings. It is always interesting and a good opportunity to talk and discuss about latest technologies with experts and entrepeneurs. I always like to learn more within my fields of interest, therefore I committed myself to follow at least one course per year.


In 2018 I actually attended two courses because of my company start-up and time I could spend. The GDPR course at the University of Groningen was important for the thrust towards customers. The Supply Chain Innovation course at the University of Twente provided latest insides in supply chain technology.

Next to that I always like to attend technology ‘Meetups’ within the region. You can learn more about the latest developments regarding LowPower area networks, programming, Industry 4.0, protection of networks and destributed ledger technology like blockchain and the Tangle from IOTA.


I’m going into details now so I will end my story. If you like to know more about me or my interests, please drop me an email.




PS: The company name ‘MODOR’ originates from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning ‘mother’.  A mother is overseeing everything, is aware of her surroundings and looks forward to protect her family. MODOR’s mission is to take care of customers and to protect their products.