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Monitor products during transportation and storage

No more blind spots in your supply chain

Towards 'First Time Right' deliveries!


No more blind spots in your supply chain by monitoring your goods. Be aware of location and condition of products during transportation, handling and storage via automated locating and sensing technology.


Gathered information from the data loggers can be visualized on smart phones, ipads and PC’s. Tresholds can be set to inform you about readings beyond set parameters. Data loggers can measure shocks, vibrations, tilt, temperature, humidity, altitude and more specific parameters.


Reactive actions can be taken to optimize your organization and your supply chain performance. Data can be used to improve quality assurance and quality awareness at customer personnel and supply chain partners.

What we do

Modor – Smart Systems provides transport monitoring products and services to increase company performances within the Supply Chain, product development, service levels, cost efficiency and quality assurance. Based on real-time data output from our monitoring systems our customers are in the position to make the fastest and best decisions regarding corrective damage control of products during transportation and storage. Next to corrective actions, the collected data can be used for preventive actions, evaluation of Supply Chain partners and internal organization performances. If required collected data can be used to answer questions related to responsibility and liability.


How we serve customers in their branches

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  • End-users
  • Insurance providers
  • Manufacturers
  • Packing suppliers
  • Transportation companies
  • Warehouses

News & Interests

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